The Lithuanian Government claims the attached 1975 letter “completely exonerates” Brazaitis and by extrapolation, Skirpa. They interpret this 1975 letter to mean that Brazaitis was “rehabilitated” by the US Justice Ministry”. The letter is clear in its meaning. Nowhere does it indicate what the Lithuanian Government claims it does. The claims by the Lithuanian Government constitute Holocaust fraud.

Attached below is a package submitted to the Lithuanian Government.

Page 1: The “1975 letter”

Pages 2-4: Communication from Lithuania’s Historical Institute. – This is a response to a question from a Member of Parliament regarding Brazaitis’s reburial in Lithuania, with a “finding” by two historians from the Lithuanian History Institute who are completely against the idea, they say the Provisional Government was only saved from being complete collaborators with the Nazis because they were dissolved so soon, that the PG carried out its own anti-Jewish isolation policies and that Brazaitis was eager in exile to hide what the Government he led did. The two historians conclude some International Commission for Historical Justice created by decree by Adamkus was completely undermined by Adamkus’s decision to award Brazaitis posthumously the Order of the Cross of Vytis.

Page 5: Cover letter

Page 6 – 7: My letter to Ombudsman of Lithuanian Parliament. – the English language translation are pages 48-51 of the attached document.

Page 8: 2012 Congressional Condemnation

Pages 9 – 13: Letters from American attorneys.

Page 14 – 47: FBI report on Skirpa

Page 48-51 – Pages 5-7 translated into English

There is no other term for this than fraud. This time, they used USA Congressional documents to perpetrate their fraud.

The translation of the page linked above where they claim he was “rehabilitated” is: “G.A.Gochin’s “investigation” of J.Noreika, without presenting solid evidence, possibly violating the Republic of Lithuania’s Constitution and the Republic of Lithuania’s Criminal Code, accuses many individuals: The Prime Minister Juozas Brazaitis of the Provisional Government, whose activity was investigated by request of the US Congress in 1975 and he was rehabilitated by the US Justice Ministry, political prisoner Viktoras Ašmenskas, and others (see point Nr.1 in the reply).”

The term “rehabilitated” in USA would only mean if he had been pardoned by the President. An absurd statement. Equally absurd as saying Congressional authorities “completely exonerated” Brazaitis. Skirpa is not mentioned in this letter but the Lithuanian Government declares him “completely exonerated” by extrapolation from this letter.

i.e. they are committing fraud and using intimidation tactics to silence me from exposing them. Note that the reference to Brazaitis was a peripheral item in the Noreika research, but that is how they distract from the submitted data.