Heritage Department cases

The Lithuanian Government will not take down monuments for Holocaust perpetrators for moral reasons, so I appealed to the Heritage Department to remove the Noreika monument on aesthetic grounds. They of course declined and so I litigated the case:

My initial appeal was is here.

The lower level court initially ruled against me based on absurd technical reasons. I appealed this declination to the Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court who agreed with me and overruled the lower Court, returning the case for re-consideration. The very same lower court judge that heard the case the first time, was then re-assigned the case again, and the Judge then created a new technicality in order to re-dismiss the case yet again. It is absurd. This is a ping pong game sending the case back and forth between courts, simply to wear me out and run up my legal bills.

Lower-level Lithuanian courts have historically demonstrated a lack of independence and susceptibility to political pressure. This lower court judge is the prime example of everything that is wrong with the Lithuanian legal system.

The three legal case decisons are posted below, they are so absurd that I could not be bothered to have them translated into English. If anyone wants to read utter legal drivel, have it translated. Lithuanian lower courts are simply an absurdity. This type of judicial nonsense is part of the reason why foreign companies are so reluctant to open businesses in Lithuania.

Heritage Department cases

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