There has been much newsprint about Lithuania’s statement that they were “completely innocent” of the Holocaust. The government floated the idea of legislating this idea:


This created a worldwide outrage. The internal response to that outrage was to claim that this was a private idea of Gumuliauskas. It was not.


In my own cases, the innocence position has been set forth twice by the Lithuanian Government.


  1. In my first lawsuit against the Government over Noreika, the Governments lawyers stated: “The Lithuanian nation has never actually perpetrated crimes against humanity. It’s a fact and no one is ever going to be able to prove what you’re trying to prove.


  1. In February 2019, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry stated their position in this interview: Their comment: “Due to declared neutrality in 1939 and three occupations (1940 – Soviet, 1941 – Nazi, 1944 – Soviet) the Lithuanian state didn‘t participate in World War II, and was just a victim.”


Now claiming that “innocence” was not a full fledged government position is dishonest.


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