Kazys Palčiauskas

There have been a number of recent articles in Lithuanian press about how wonderful were the ethnic Lithuanians that came to USA after the war. Especially galling are the syrupy narratives supplied by Sandy Baksys here:


What Ms. Baksys fails to mention is that while many ethnic Lithuanians were in fact victims, and many were in DP camps, many among them were also Jew murderers and facilitators of persecution of Lithuanian Jews.

Many in the “greatest generation” that she identifies knew who the perpetrators were, but they chose to protect murderers from justice.

The USA Government tried to return some of her “greatest generation” back to Lithuania, however Lithuania refused most. Of those that the USA Government did manage to return to Lithuania, that government did not punish a single one. In fact, since Lithuania regained independence, not one single Jew murderer has been punished by the Lithuanian Government.

Such were the values of many of Baksys’s “Greatest generation” of Lithuanians.

For anyone that wishes to educate themselves, here is a file on Kazys Palčiauskas:



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