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On Sunday, March 7, 2010, I made the front page of the Sunday edition of a national Lithuanian newspaper. The article can be seen here:ę-nesėkmingai-bandęs-susigrąžinti-litvakas-žydams-lietuva-miręs-reikalas.htm

The article translation is as follows:

“Lithuania is a Dead Issue for Jews,” Says Litvak Who Unsuccessfully Tried to Claim His Lithuanian Citizenship

Monika Bonckute, Vladas Krivickas

March 8, 2010

Exclusively for, Los Angeles

Photo caption: “Clearly, to be a Lithuanian citizen and a Jew in contemporary Lithuania is impossible,” says Gochin, rejected by Lithuania.

Photo of Gochin are from his personal file

“Litvaks no longer want to have anything to do with Lithuania, because they understand that Lithuania doesn’t need them. Even if anti-Semitism were to subside, the chasm is too deep. Lithuania is a dead issue for Jews.” These are the bitter words of Grant Gochin, who presently resides in the U.S. and whose grandfather was born and raised in Lithuania and served in its military.

Six Years Were Not Enough to Reclaim Citizenship

A vicepresident at a bank, Gochin tried for more than five years to reclaim Lithuanian citizenship, to which he believes he has the right. The scope of his correspondence with the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington is impressive: hundreds of emails, faxes and telephone calls.

From the replies of his correspondence with officials at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, first and foremost, Attache Gabrielė Klimaitė, even our diplomats were not in doubt about the likelihood that this Litvak would successfully reclaim his citizenship.

“From my own experience, they [officials at the Migration Department–authors] usually ‘torture’ a person two or three times before granting citizenship…you have nothing to worry about. I am certain that sooner or later we will have some good news,” wrote Klimaitė in an email to Gochin, consoling him.

Despite his persistence and time, Gochin, who has South African and U.S. citizenship, was unable to become a citizen of our country. Responding to’s questions, the man says he’s convinced that the reason for the decision is his ethnicity.

Lithuania’s Citizenship Policy Xenophobic

“I was required to submit absurd proofs and documents, that ethnic Lithuanians are not required to submit,” said Gochin.

He says he almost certain that there is an unofficial standard for individuals of Jewish ethnicity that is not applied to ethnic Lithuanians.

Lithuanian Embassy Attache Klimaitė, who corresponded with Gochin for several years, got that impression as well.

In an email to the American [Gochin] written in November of 2006, she calls the attitude of the Lithuanian government toward citizenship “very, very xenophobic.” “I think that for a small country whose citizens are constantly emigrating it is truly suicidal,” wrote Klimaitė, bemoaning that year’s decision of the Constitutional Court regarding citizenship.

“But the Court is indifferent—they simply declared that historically the country always tried to maintain a homogeneous society and that is how it ought to remain,” wrote Klimaitė, making no secret of her personal views.

Money will benefit Africa, the U.S. and Israel

Rejected by Lithuania, the well-to-do American turned his attention to Africa—a continent that always appreciated his humanitarian efforts. For his efforts Gochin has received the title of “Supreme Chief” from the Republic of Togo. Only a select few citizens of Western countries have been honored with this title, among them, Michael Jackson, the king of U.S. pop-music who died last year.

Gochin claims that if Lithuania had not rejected him, he would put the same effort into helping our country. Now his experience and financial resources benefit the U.S., Africa and Israel.

“Lithuania has clearly demonstrated that they don’t need any of it,” said our interlocutor, with some sadness.

Says He Has No Desire to Reclaim Property

The man denies the accusation often leveled at foreigners who seek citizenship that they seek to profit by it. According to Gochin, his grandparents had no real estate to which he might lay claim. He is also uninterested in a political career.

“There’s a big difference between ‘needing’ and ‘wanting,’” says the descendent of Lithuanian Jews who was born in South Africa and lives in Los Angeles. “I don’t need one more citizenship. I wanted it. My grandfather and I were very close. I wanted to bequeath this connection with Lithuania to future generations, thereby preserving my grandfather’s memory beyond my own death.”

Our interlocutor says that when Lithuania reestablished its independence he and other Jews who call themselves Litvaks only wanted one thing: to restore their emotional ties to a country dear to them and to help it.

Jews Would Help Grow the Economy and Stop Emigration

“Every Lithuanian family that has children or grandchildren who have emigrated ought to consider whether they wouldn’t have work in Lithuania if their government had granted citizenship to people like me. We had a lot of good will. We could have helped grow the economy, attract investment and promote industry. Lithuania is experiencing a twenty percent contraction of its GDP. Lithuanians must understand that by excluding people who are different, they are first and foremost harming themselves,” said Gochin.

As an example he cites the U.S. which, according to him, is successful because of its diversity, open system and a desire to accept citizens with various backgrounds and know-how.

That aside, he mentioned that Litvaks are a tightly-knit community that tends to be philanthropic and always opposed to inequality and discrimination.

Gochin emphasizes that “although Litvaks were only two percent of the population in South Africa, they constituted fifty percent of whites who fought apartheid.”

Visited Lithuania Four Times

While growing up in South Africa, Gochin remembers always hearing his grandfather Samuel Gochin tell stories about Lithuania. His grandfather recalled his time in Lithuania as his “golden years.” He told his grandson stories about life in Lithuania and his service in the army of independent Lithuania. Gochin still has a photo of his grandfather in the uniform of a Lithuanian soldier.

Gochin’s father, Harold Gochin, son of Samuel Gochin, who still resides in South Africa, also wanted to visit Lithuania. But after Lithuania reestablished its independence Gochin’s father’s weak health prevented him from joining the grandson of the Lithuanian soldier on his trip to the land of his ancestors in 1992. He [Grant Gochin] toured its cities and towns, visited the graves of his ancestors and fell in love with Lithuania and its people.

Submitted Reams of Documents

He visited the country at least three more times. After learning that, according to the laws at the time, he had the right to citizenship in the land of his ancestors, he submitted a claim through the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington on December 28th, 2004, which was to be considered by the Migration Department.

Gocin gave the department copies of documents from archives that show his grandfather had an interior passport and served in the Lithuania army. Later he found and submitted a document showing that Samuel Gochin was treated at Dr. J. Basanavicius’s Military Hospital.

When question were raised as to whether Samuel Gochin was truly a citizen of Lithuania, his grandson submitted an exhaustive explanation by Lithuanian historians indicating that the man in the photograph wearing the uniform of a Lithuania soldier could not have been the citizen of another country. There is no doubt that Lithuania did not draft foreigners into its armed forces.

Not long thereafter he [Grant Gochin] submitted written testimony of people who remembered Samuel Gochin, that such a person truly lived and that Grant Gochin is, without a  doubt, his grandson.

Migration Department Worried About Invisible People

However, the Migration Department, which is only obliged to respond every six months, began demanding more and more evidence—not so much about the citizenship of the American’s grandfather as about the relationship between Grant and Samuel Gochin.

“My application was rejected based on the supposition that there could have been two Samuel Gochins: one who is is mentioned in the documents I submitted, and another ‘possible’ Samuel Gochin, whose existence has not been proven. How can one think that there could have been two people living in the same village with the same name and surname and that, supposing I am related to one of them, I must prove whether I am related to the real one or the imaginary one?” wondered an irritated Gochin.

“It’s as if someone were to say we are surrounded by invisible people and please prove that this is not the case,” said the descendent of Lithuanian Jews.

He says responsibility for the fact that there is no longer an original of Samuel Gochin’s passport in the Lithuanian archives and only a docuent showing that such a passport was issued is Lithuania’s. During the war a large part of Lithuanian Jewish archives was destroyed or vanished without a trace.

According to Gochin, by delaying the decision and repeatedly requesting new documents, the Migration Department insulted the memory of his grandfather and behaved in a dishonest way in his regard. “Clearly, their aims were disingenuous; they were purposefully looking for ways to reject my application rather than analyzing it honestly,” maintains Gochin.

Says Application for Citizenship is Discriminatory

According to him [Gochin], the citizenship application process itself is “discriminatory.” Filling out the application one is required to indicated not only one’s current citizenship, but also one’s ethnicity. Lithuanian diplomats told Gochin that he is required to write “Jew,” and not “Lithuanian.”

“Judaism is a religion, not a nationality. I told the diplomat that I am no less Lithuanian than he, and that this application seems to me to be discriminatory, but he confirmed that I have no alternative and am required to confirm that I am Jewish,” said Gochin, with umbrage.

According to Gochin, unofficially Lithuanian citizens have told him that the Lithuanian government is interested in maintaining the nation’s ‘national character,’ and that there is a fear that if Jews are granted citizenship they will reclaim the property that belonged to their ancestors before the war in large numbers.

Grandfather’s Memory Insulted

Less than a month before the decision by the Constitutional Court in 2006 abolishing dual citizenship for Lithuanian citizens, Gochin received a negative decision from the Migration Department. His application for citizenship was rejected based on the lack of evidence that Samuel Gochin was truly Grant Gochin’s grandfather.

“News of the decision that my application for Lithuanian citizenship was refused arrived about 28 days after the decision by the Migration Department. The timeframe within which I can appeal the decision is 30 days. In other words, I had no opportunity to appeal. They insulted my grandfather’s memory, treated me unjustly and their motives for rejecting my application were disingenuous. I thought Lithuania was a country of laws,” said Gochin, explaining his decision to fight the Migration Department in court.

The foreigner [Gochin] hired Stasys Šedbaras as his lawyer. The American citizen [Gochin] admitted that at the time he was considering spending up to $20,000 in order to prove that he has the right to Lithuanian citizenship. His inconclusive legal battles have thus far cost him about $4,000. Šedbaras’s legal firm has indicated to Gochin several times that he has no chance of winning.

No Longer Wants to Be a Part of Lithuanian Society

Admitting that he can no longer affort to waste so much time, Gochin says he will, nevertheless, fight on as long as circumstances allow. The American says he is annoyed by the fact that the City of Vilnius’s Second District Court did not even formally allow him the choice of whether to give up his U.S. and South African citienship in lieu of the chance to reclaim his Lithuanian citizenship. “What gives them the right to automatically decide that I wouldn’t do so?” asks Gochin.

Although the main reason why the Litvak is not giving up is not even his own citizenship. He wants the court to confirm that his grandfather is indeed his grandfather. The court refused to do just that in its decision of February 25th, 2008.

“The Lithuania of my grandfather’s youth—the years he referred to as ‘golden’—which was based on the values of equality before the law and tolerance—is no more. That’s why I have little desire to be a part of this society. I wanted an honest legal process, but I did not get it. Now I simply want the court to recognize that my grandfather was, after all, my grandfather—a Jew and a citizen of Lithuania, simultaneously. Clearly, to be a Lithuanian citizen and a Jew in contemporary Lithuania is impossible,” said Gochin, who is no longer interested in investing in Lithuanian business or traveling the country.

Embassy Denies Discrimination

Because Klimaitė no longer works at the Embassy in Washington, spoke with Laimis Rubinskas, Third Secretary of the Embassy who says he has assumed consular duties. He says he has had conversations with Gochin several times by email, telephone and in person.

“He often submitted his requests in a demanding and even categorical way. The Embassy gave him every manner of assistance and information about citizenship, as it would to any applicant,” said Rubinskas.

He says Klimaitė did not leave him any specific instructions with regard to Gochin’s case. The official firmly believes that Gochin’s case is not unusual and that the way the case was treated and the results have nothing to do with his ethnicity. Besides, Jews requesting Lithuanian citizenship is nothing new at the Embassy.

“Currently, the absolute majority of applications for citizenship coming from Mexico are submitted by Mexicans of Jewish heritage who live in Mexico but whose ancestors emigrated from Lithuania during the interwar period,” said Rubinskas.

Responding to the question of how many such applications are accepted and how many rejected the official said that the Embassy does not categorize applications by the ethnicity of the applicants and “does not maintain such statistics.”


Random selection of Lithuanian comments under the article:

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788. to 787.

22:21 03-08 IP:

O jus, tamsta, pasidomekit zydiska istorija ir kiek , sitos tautybes sutverimai yra prikise nagus i visokias stambias aferas pasauliniu mastu.Zydiskos pavardes visur figuruoja, jeigu ka…Taigi, nereikia cia lia lia.
You, dear, better find out more about the Jewish history. The creatures of this nation have had their hands on many high-caliber swindles world-wide. You’ll see all kinds of Jewish names everywhere.. So don’t tell me….

784. to 782. 22:06 03-08 IP:

Ble, vien zydai…Teisingai sake mano mociute – zydas visada liks zydu. Ne be reikalo uzsitrauke Hitlerio nemalone, ne be reikalo…
Fuck, everywhere Jews… My grandmother was right-a Jew always remains a Jew. There was a reason for Hitler to loath them…

777. to 771. 21:27 03-08 IP:

Visai ne fasistas, tik uzkniso, kai visi joja ant kupros.O ypac, tokie, kurie reikalauja, to kas net nepriklausė ir niekada nepriklausys jiems…Zydai yra kur kas didesni fasistai, jai jau kur koja ikele, viskas tampa zydiska nuosavybe ir niekas kito daugiau neegzistuoja toj vietoj, net nesvarbu tai, kad tai visai svetima salis.
I am not a fascist, but I’m tired of being abused. Especially when they want something that do not belong to them and never will. The Jews are much bigger fascists, if they come someplace, everything becomes Jewish property and the rest ceases existing, regardless that it is a strange country to them

758. Visiems uztarejams 19:49 03-08 IP:

Jei dar nesupratot tai vis tiek kada nors dasus, kad zydas nieko siaip be naudos sau NEDARO!
If you haven’t grasped it yet, maybe one day you will; a Jew DOES NOT do anything without seeing profit in it.

733. >729. joo 726-am 18:43 03-08 IP:

apie kopustu sriuba savo vaikams pasakok ir makaronus savo zydovskus kabink savo vaikams…., o zyderu NKVDistu darbai atsiskleide visu groziu Rainiu miske kai gyvus lietuvius vire kubiluose ir gyviems oda nulupdavo, del to jus kurwos ir nesuprantat kodel jus per vamzdi paleido…..

tell me about your sauerkraut soup […..] to your children… Doings of Jewish NKVD members were evident in Rainiai forest, they used to boil Lithuanians alive, skinning them before.. you fucking whores do not understand why they [Jews] were let go through the pipe

529. titka 10:32 03-08 IP:

zydams tik vienoj vietoj yra vietos, o i lt tegul kojos nekelia.atsirado mat geradejus tik savon kisenen slamancius kist.ciuoz i savo afrika ir ten buk negru zyduuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

there is only room for Jews in one place they should not even try coming to Lithuania. this benefactor only wants franklins go to your Africa and be there nigger Jew

519. Giti 10:24 03-08 IP:

nereikia mums tu zydu pinigu! Ir taip lietuviai per daug pakantus tokiems…o ypac lenkams!!!

We do not need Jewish money! Lithuanian are already too tolerant to people like these… especially to Poles

505. zemaitis 10:13 03-08 IP:

geriausiai turbut butu jam duoti i nosi.

The best idea would be to punch him in the face

502. VGA 10:11 03-08 IP:

Taip…Buvo žydams auksiniai laikai. Juristai, medikai, prekybininkai – daugumą sudarė žydai. Bankus valdė vien žydai. Nereikia užmiršti, kad žydai ne tautybė o teroristinė organizacija su savo statutu (toromis), kurios siekis užvaldyti pasaulį. Pusę pasaulio jau tvarko savo nuožiūra, tai įrodo ir paskutinė jų organizuota krizė, nekalbant apie 30-tų metų krizę Amerikoje, abu pasaulinius karus.

Right… There were golden years for Jews. Lawyers, doctors, merchants–most of them were Jews. Banks were managed completely by Jews. It should not be forgotten that Jewishness is not a nationality, but  a terrorist organization with its own by-laws (Torahs) and the goal to rule the world. They already have been ruling half of the world, the last crisis organized by them is a proof, let alone the crisis in the 30s, and both World Wars.

500. pirmyn 10:08 03-08 IP:

„Aš manau, kad mažai šaliai, kai žmonės nuolat emigruoja, tai yra tikra savižudybė”, – dėl tais metais priimto Konstitucinio Teismo sprendimo pilietybės klausimu apgailestavo pareigūnė…” Joooooo……… Į emigravusių lietuvių vietas pavarykim turkų ir žydų. Na, dar kokia niekinga puselė nigerių neblogai būtų…

“I think for a small nation constant emigration is a suicide”, described the decision by the Constitutional Court the clerk” Sure… Let’s replace emigrant Lithuanians by Turks and Jews. Maybe some Niggers for a change too…

31. vilkas 22:22 03-07 IP:

Teisingai, tikrai čia nereikia nei litvakų, nei kitaip pasivadinusių žydų. puikiai išsiversime ir be jūsų, nes nieko išskyrus amžiną nepasitenkinimą viskuo iš jūsų nesulauksi. Važiuokite gyventi į savo JAV ar kitą žydus globojančią valstybę ir ten jauskitės mylimi, o čia niekas jūsų nemyli ir niekas nenori turėti nieko bendra su jumis

Right, we do not need Litvaks or any other kind of Jews, we’ll be better off without you, because you’re nothing but constantly unhappy folks. go to your United States or any other country that takes care of Jews and feel loved, nobody loves ytou here and do not want to have nothing in common with you.

10. T 22:09 03-07 IP:

tai kad jus velniai su zmonem gyvent kartu nemokat! pasovoge net dovydo zvaigzde…

You devils cannot co-exist with people! you even stole David’s star…
683. pauliz15:39 03-08     IP:    tie zydai isvis isnagleje reikia atgaivinti ausvica.Gali visi zydeliai mynti sau is luietuvos tik mums bus geriau

Jews became completely obnoxious time to revive Auschwitz. I wish all Jews were out of Lithuania, it would be better for us.

707. >695. Svecias17:15 03-08     IP:    Lietuviai nieko neturi pries vokieciu kariuomenes atejima, nes vokieciai sustabde lietuviu tautos genocida kuri vykde vietos komunistine zydauja 1941 vasara, jeigu butu vokieciai bent pusmeti Lietuva butu be lietuviu deka isdaviku NKVDistiniu zyderu……., nespejo grusti lietuviu i gyvuliu vagonus, nieko neteko girdet kad vokieciai naikintu lietuvius nebent komunistines kurwas

Lithuanians were not agains German army, because Germans stopped Lithuanian genocide, which was carried out by local Jewish communists in the summer of 1941. If Germans stayed at least half a year Lithuania would have avoided Jewish NKVD…. barely could fit all Lithuanians to the cattle cars, never heard that Germans would try to exterminate Lithuanians, except communist whores.

648. to 64613:40 03-08     IP:    ble, dar vienas zydas… Piskit nx i savo izraeli ir bukit ten, kokio b jus norit is jums svetimos salies… zydai-zmonijos piktzoles, ne veltui visi enge engia ir engs… Nes jus ne zmones, jus ZYDAI…

fuck, one more Jew… Go to your fucking Israel and stay put there, what do you want from a strange couintry… Jews are weeds of humanity, no wonder everybody persecuted them and will always persecute. Because you’re not people, you’re JEWS.

912. vilnete 15:36 03-11 IP:

906, 909, 911-aciu kad jus ne toki kaip visi kiti commentatai. Geda us Lietuva ir tikrai tas ponas ne gavusi pilietive-laimingas-ne butu matyt tu ziurku kurie ne norie dirbti, isbega i europa ir apsiganina europa. Ju, lietuviu, ne keica anglai, irlandai ir kiti tautos todel kak jus neko ne dare tan, tik vagia, murderei ir zulikai. Gyvenkite i savo bedna lietuva ir stengite padatit jusu valstibe stipru i grazu o ne kiskite visos boljachkos ant zydu. GEDA!

translation: 906, 909, 911-thank you for being different than all the rest commentators. Shame for Lithuania, and that Mister(you) wouldn’t be happy when he receives his citizenship, living among Lithuanians who flee to Europe like rats. The English, Irish and other nations hates Lithuanians because all of you leaving Lithuania are thieves, murderers and bastards. Live in your sad Lithuania and try to make it a better place instead of blaming Jews. SHAME!

This lady had really bad grammar, sometimes it was difficult to understand shes trying to say.

911. Nejole 15:20 03-11 IP:

LAbai laimiga kad ne gyvenu su jusmis, zjurkemis, pasirasiote tokios kommentatai apie zydu tautos. Kad jus tokie pavidingi ir nekoda ne dirbdove ir neko ne turejo ir dabar jums reika kas ka keikti-pradekite nou savies-kiek jusu Anglijoe, Irlandijoje, Voketijoje, ir ten stjangset ne sidirbti ir bomzojete ar ant narkotiki. Geda.

translation: I’m so happy I’m not living with you, rats, talking non sense about Jewish nation. Why are you so jealous, look at yourselves, look at how you live in England, Ireland and Germany. Shame

notice the IP addresses of “vilniete” and “nejole” are identical :-)

910. Aus Hamburg 12:57 03-11 IP:

906 909 komentarai dar neuigadinto , sveiko proto zmogaus. respekt !!!

translation: the comments of 906 and 090 were made by an uncorrupted, sane person. respect.

909. Dilgele 07:25 03-11 IP:

Vaidinam katalikus, ir nors zinome , kad DIEVAS YRA MEILE, nekenciam, rusu, vokiec
iu, amerikonu, zydu, savo senu zmoniu, metom gyvunus per langus ir kitaip juos kankinam, naslaiciu pilnos prieglaudos, .uztat emigrantu puse milijono, o bedarbiu jau 300, ooo tukstanciu, tokia musu nepriklausoma Lietuva.Jei musu tautoje butu daugiau meiles, tai tikrai tiek jaunu zmoniu nebegtu is Lietuvos.Dziaugiuosi , kad tas ZYDAS, kuris norejo grizti cia , taip ir negavo pilietybes, NES BUTU LABAI NUSIVYLES, tai ne ta salis , kur gyveno jo senelis, is tu laiku cia liko tik prisiminimai.

translation:  We act as if we were catholics, and even thought we know that GOD IS LOVE we hate russians, germans, americans, jews, our elderly peoply, we throw pets through the windows and torture them, the orphanages are full. we have half a million emigrants and 300 thousand unemployed, thats our independent Lithuania. If our country had more love in it, there wouldnt be so many people fleeing it. Im happy, that this JEW who wanted to return didnt get his citizenship, BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY UPSET, this is not the country where his grandfather lived, theres only memories left from those times.

908. to 906 19:24 03-10 IP:

la dievas kure -jam geriau zinoti – mes gyvename cia ir dabar –cia galioja musu istatymai o ne dievo ar zydu –tau geda priimk zydu pilietybe ir tautybe –zydas lietuvai padet norejo –padet nori senutei ir telefoninis sukcius bet deja deja–o istatymai yra istatymai ir juos butina gernti o kad tau ur man geda kad atsiranda tokiu mulkiu kaip tu –laikrastis psarase rau 100 proc tiesa ir begi pasisikusiam atnesti tualetinio popieriaus

translation: god created – he knows better – we live here and now – our laws apply here, not gods or jewish[laws] – if you are ashamed[of something] – you can become a jew and get israeli citizenship – a jew wanted to help lithuania – a telephone fraudster wants to help an elderly woman as well, however laws are laws and it is necessary to respect them, and its your problem if you are ashamed. what this newspaper wrote is 100% true and so you are eager to bring toilet paper to a person who just took a crap.

907. Žalias 18:24 03-10 IP:

Lietuva jau ir lietuviams bus miręs reikalas. Nes jau saujelė politinių vadovų įkūrusių nuosavas partijas nupirkti Gazpromo UABo vadinamo Rusija.

translation: Lithuania is a dead deal even for Lithuanians. This is because those few politicians who created their own parties now belong to Gazprom, and Gazprom in turn is owned by Russia.

906. Paskaicius, 17:57 03-10 IP:

tiek bjauriu , pilnu pykcio komentaru, man geda, kad as lietuve, matyt cia didzioji dalis komentatoriu zydsaudziu palikuonys, nes normaliam zmogui visu kitu tautu atstovai niekaip nekliudo, jei dievas sukure , juodaodi, kinieti, ar zyda, matyt taip reikejo.Gaila zmogaus, jis filantropas , norejo padeti bent labdara Lietuvai, gal but investuoti Lietuvoje, ar ne mes rekiam , nera darbo, reikia investiciju is uzsienio., opaskui uztrenkiam visas duris , kad tos investicijos neateitu.

translation: after reading so many disgusting, full of hate comments, im ashamed that i am lithuanian. probably most of you writing these comments are offspring of Jew killers[zydsaudziai], because for a normal[lithuanian] person wouldnt be bothered by people of different nations. if a god created a black, chinese, jew, its probable that God wanted them to exist. I feel sorry for this person, he is a philanthropist, wanted to do something good for Lithuania, maybe invest in Lithuania. isnt it us who cry that there are no jobs, that we need foreign invesment, and after that we shut all the doors so that the investment doesnt come.

905. niekas 17:54 03-10 IP:

niekas jusu, zydeliai, cia NELAUKIA.turit savo izraeli ir gyvenkit ten laimingi

nobody you, Jews, doesnt want here[in lithuania]. you have Israel and you should live there and be happy.

904. as 17:26 03-10 IP:

o kas ta lietuviska pilietybe ? Jei tenka uzsieni gywent , ir geda pasakyt , kad lietuvis esi..

What exactly is Lithuanian citizenship? If you live abroad, you often feel ashamed to tell somebody that you are Lithuanian.



i dont understand the first sentence, its russian words with lithuanian ending. IF JEWS WERE HERE YOU WOULD LIVE LIKE ‘SURIKAI’(i dont know what this word means). ILLITERATE CLOWNS, BEGGARS. DO NOT FORGET THAT JEWS RULED AND WILL RULE THE WHOLE WORLD. THATS WHY THE STUPID HITLER HATED THEM, BECAUSE THIS RACE IS SMARTEST IN THE WORLD. the last sentence is just indecipherable.

902. JJ 17:08 03-10 IP:

Nelabai suprantu kuo sitas ponas skundziasi. Kaip suprantu jis jau turi dvi pilietybes tai kiek dar ju noretu ysigyti ir ar jis vardan Lietuvos pasirenges paaukoti kitas dvi nes kiek zinau pagal musu ystatymus dviguba pilietybe neleidziama. Nes as pati tada noreciau keliu pilietybiu. Taigi kaip matot lietuviam isimtys irgi netaikomos. O jei ponas toks filantropas tai negi negali padeti Lietuvai is sentimentaliu paskatu negi mes turim jam pirma suteikti pilietybe ir paskelbti jy didziuoju vadu? Jei jis toks gerasirdis ir nieko is musu nenori tai tada ir skustis nera kuo. daryti gerus darbus galima ir be pilietybes. O jei jis atsisako padeti todel, kad negavo trecios pilietybes savo kolekcijai tai jo tikslai tikrai savanaudiski.

I dont really get what he’s complaining about. The way I understand this he already has 2 citizenships, so how many more citizenships does he want and would he give up his citizenships to get a Lithuanian one, as far I know our law prohibits dual citizenship. I would want more citizenships for myself. So as you can see Lithuanians are not treated differently. So if hes really such a philantropist, why cant he help Lithuania out of sentimental reasons? do we have to give him citizenship and name him as our Great Leader? if hes so good hearted and he doesnt want anything from us, he doesnt have anything to complain about. he doesnt need citizenships to do good things. So if he doesnt want to help because hes unable to get 3rd citizenship for his collection he wasnt that good after all.

901. STALINS DEBYYLAMS LT 17:01 03-10 IP:


Again the dude with indecipherable language… its not about you. its about the ‘fact’ that there are no “real” lithuanians anymore since we have interbreeded with russians and others so much. in the end he says that theres no Lithuanian nation, only communists and “zbrodas”(i dont know whats that), and that we created all of this ourselves.

900. STALINS 16:51 03-10 IP:


Why do we worship Landsbergis and “Zyngirys” in Lithuaania. are they any different?

899. wq 16:19 03-10 IP:

ko cia jis verkslena, kas cia per asaba?LR istatymai nenumato dvigubos pilietybes, nesupratau bajerio, kodel apie ji raso? jei nori padeti LT-padek, daug turtingu zmoniu padeda trecioms salims, bet jie uz tai piletybes nereikalauja.

Why is he crying? LT laws do not have the possibility of dual citizenship, I dont understand the joke, why is media writing about him? if you want to help LT- do it, many rich people help 3rd world countries, but they dont demand citizenships for that.

898. ar ce zmonys, ar sunys???? 14:35 03-10 IP:

ko lot an to zydelio, ka jis blogo padare, gfal labdaros atves i LT, nelokit

why are you talking crap about this Jew? Did he do anything bad? maybe he will help our poor people in LT, stop talking crap.

897. Hi Hi 13:05 03-10 IP:

O jeigu visus emigravusius lietuvius nepriimtų niekur ir parvytų atgal, tėviškėlėn……

What if all Lithuanians who emigrated were returned back to Lithuania?

896. Gilė 13:02 03-10 IP:

Lygtai be pilietybės negalima dirbti ir veikti šalies labui … čia jau principai veikia, o ne geranoriškumas

Its not like he needs citizenship to do good deeds for the country…. these are principles, not good will.

895. Jonas 12:47 03-10 IP:

Žydas muša, žydas rėkia…

Jew hits, Jew cries…

894. fu 12:35 03-10 IP:

Paskutinis anekdotas – žydas dirba.

The latest joke – Jew works.

893. KGB 12:05 03-10 IP:

nuo kada Lietuva pasidare teisine valtybe, KGB kaip valde taip ir valdo, o poziuris i zydus parodo tai, kokia bus tos šalies ateitis. Komunistai atejo viska ateme iš žmoniu, tie kas išpardavė ta turta dabar sudaro tokias kliutis žmonėms.Iš kometarų jaučiamas antisemitizmas, taip kad iki tesinės valstybės Lietuvai dar labai toli…

Since when is Lithuania a lawful country? KGB will rule like they did in the past, and our attitude towards Jews shows what kind of future this country will have. Communists came and took away everything from the people, those who sold it are making hurdles for the people to get it back. I feel antisemitism in the comments, so Lithuania still has a long road to become a lawful country.

892. h 11:37 03-10 IP:

a ko jam cia reikia? tegu varo y izraely ir ten gyvena

what does he want? he should go to israel and live there


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