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Jewish Litvak Offended by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis: South African Heroine Unreliable, Says Lithuanian Government

Monika Bonckute, Vladas Krivickas

November 2, 2010

Special to from Los Angeles

(photo’s here)

G. Gochin with aunt Barsel at South African prison cell where she was imprisoned. N. Mandela was imprisoned in the next cell.

Photo: G. Gochin personal archive 2

The comments about Jewish lobbyists seeking dual citizenship by Lithuanian foreign minister Audronis Ažubalis, which shamed his colleagues and which he quickly tried to take back, have only confirmed the convictions of Los Angeles-based Litvak Grant Gochin that it‟s still incomprehensible to the Lithuanian government that a Jew from Lithuania and a Lithuanian could be one and the same thing. The man who tried unsuccessfully to attain Lithuanian citizenship took the minister‟s statement personally. He said Azubalis‟s comments only deepened his lack of confidence in the government of Lithuania and its decisions. “They only strengthened Lithuania‟s image in the international arena as a country where Jews are not welcome,” he said. Gochin argued if even a minister allows himself to consider not adopting the new Law on Citizenship because it is beneficial to Jews, then no one can say that similar anti-Semitic sentiments do not dominate at the Migration Department, which makes decisions on citizenship questions.

Fighting for Citizenship for Five Years Now “In the statement in which he negated his earlier comments published in Lietuvos Rytas [], the foreign minister continues to make a clear distinction between Lithuanians and „other ethnicities‟ such as Jews. Everyone well knows that Jews were long an integral part of Lithuanian society. Making this sort of distinction clearly betrays the type of thinking which can‟t understand that a Jew can also be a Lithuanian. This attitude is at the heart of many problems,” the descendant of Jewish Litvaks who lives in the USA told has written before about Gochin‟s five-year continuing effort to get Lithuanian citizenship, which he believes rightfully belongs to him. Unsatisfied with the decision from the Migration Department, he appealed their decision to the Vilnius District Administrative Court, but the latter at the end of September rejected Gochin‟s appeal and left the Migration Department decision in force. The Migration Department decision found that the foreigner hadn‟t submitted sufficient documents demonstrating blood ties with Samuel Gochin, a man born in Lithuania who served in the Independent Lithuanian Military. 3

South African Heroine’s Testimony Fails to Impress Lithuanian Judges The court threw out the written testimony of Gochin‟s aunt Esther Barsel, who was born in Raguva [Lithuania] and is a citizen of the Republic of South Africa. Her testimony stated that she personally knew S. Gochin, who died in 1984, and guaranteed that there is no doubt that he was G. Gochin‟s grandfather. The decision by the Vilnius District Administrative Court says that although the civil code allows applicants for citizenship to present witness statements as well written evidence, “the statements … of Esther Barsel … are not to be considered because the information they contain has not been confirmed by evidence.”

Gochin is Really Upset about the Court’s Behavior “E. Barsel is one of the most famous women in SAR. She was imprisoned with SAR apartheid struggler, former president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela. She is a national SAR hero, and a museum was established in her honor. She is one of the most famous people to come from Lithuania. Despite that, Lithuanian clerks couldn‟t be bothered to show any interest in who the person providing this testimony is, and had the gall to say that this woman‟s testimony is „unreliable,‟” Gochin said angrily. Just before [her] death in 2008, Barsel attended a private function exclusively for Mandela‟s closest friends and the personal archive she left to her daughters contains a multitude of photographs which record her and Mandela‟s conversations.

Does the State of Lithuania Covet Others’ Property? Gochin said the Lithuanian foreign minister‟s hints that there are supposedly many Jews who want to get Lithuanian citizenship just so they can get back property that rightfully belongs to them is absurd. “If a person wants to get back property that rightfully belongs to him, which was stolen from him, should citizenship even be a crucial factor in this case? Such a policy just shows that Lithuania prefers to keep for itself stolen property and not to let those to whom it belongs get it back,” the Lithuanian Jewish descendant living in the USA said. Gochin said the Migration Department only just recently did away with the 4

question about the applicant‟s ethnicity on the citizenship application form. He said that when he approached them to restore his citizenship, ethnicity was a required question. He was told that “American” is not an ethnicity, and was forced to say he was a “Jew.”

Ready to Restore Lithuanian Jewish Graves “The very fact that the Lithuanian government is worried about my religion—because being a Jew is a religious, not an ethnic matter—shows that ethnicity is a significant fact in deciding to whom to bestow Lithuanian citizenship and to whom not to bestow it,” Gochin said. He said the Lithuanian government became convinced of the illegality of the question and therefore had it removed from the questionnaire. “All one can hope for still is that Lithuania will continue to move toward modern thinking,” said the Litvak who failed to get Lithuanian citizenship and who was shocked by the statements by Lithuanian foreign minister Azubalis that appeared in the foreign press. Gochin said he will maintain ties with Lithuania. Currently he is negotiating with Lithuanian government institutions and private organizations on restoring Jewish graveyards in Lithuania. He is prepared to spend his personal funds on this, too. “My goal is to preserve Jewish history in Lithuania. If at the same time I create jobs for a few Lithuanian residents, I will be even happier.”

A random selection of comments left under the article are as follows:

#9  there is no limit for this jew’s cheek. Why five years you piss mind and put everybody on the feats, took jewish lawyer and thought you’ll get easily lithuanian passport, from when jew become lithuanian, what kind of outcome  it is that jew can be lithuanian? You can be anyone just to get profit from this, found witness from Mandela’s  cell, respect to minister Azubalis that he put out to light this jewish conspiracy against lithuanian nation with double citizenship. No double citizenship to jews cause history will repeat, remember how jews established communist party in lithuania and how jews from NKVD units were killing, torturing and departing lithuanians if in 1941 germans would not get into lithuania then lithuania would become jewish NKVD. What kind of  cheek it is to ask citizenship, parasite.

63: I do not understand the actions of Mr. Azubalis. He is not competent enough to hold such position. Shame.

98: Jews believe that they made a deal with the God, and I believe that they made a deal with the Satan. I have a constitutional right to “have my opinion and to express it freely”. Jews believe that God’s kingdom belongs to them, and I believe that when satanic beings Jews completely “stupidify” themselves, they will be destroyed like useless garbage. Because Jews do not like my opinion, they may prosecute me, they took away my computer and filled a lawsuit against me thus showing disrespect for my constitutional right to have “unjewish” opinion.

#130 Double citizenship new Jewish-polita (from Zespospolita meaning, it’s lithuanian-polish country from very past history) rebirth. Jewish-spolita was heaven jewish had their separate courts and full autonomy. Degraded polish en masse were renting peasants to jews who made them working animals. After WW2 nomads  silently runaway to warmer places like USA, Israel, EUrope where it was much better to live than in communism. Now like grasshoppers hordes they flow with their idiotic requests for citizenship cause they want property, shamelessly are lying that jews are not rase. Jew is rase and one more time rase and does he going to Synagog or doesn’t we don’t care. Cosmopolite nomads and gesheft masters rase. Half rase half profession  cause they don’t work physical work.

Dviguba pilietybė-naujos Žydpospolitos atgimimas.Žydpospolitoj buvo žydų rojus-žydai turėjo savo atskirus teismus ir pilną autonomiją.Degradavę lenkų šlėktos masiškai išnuomuodavo valstiečius žydams, kurie juos paversdavo darbiniais gyvuliais.Po 2 pasaulinio karo klajokliai išbėgiojo patyliukais į šiltesnes vietas JAV, Izraelyje, Europoje kur buvo daug geriau negu gyventi Komunizme.Dabar kaip skėrių ordos plūsta su savo idiotiškais prašymais dėl pilietybės nes nori turto-begėdiškai meluoja kad žydai nėra rasė.Žydas yra rasė ir dar kartą rasė-o kad jis vaikšto ar ne vaikšto į Sinagogą tai mums giliai nusispjaut.Kosmopolitų klajoklių ir gešefto meistrų rasė.Pusiau rasė pusiau profesija nes nedirba fizinio darbo.

#136 to 125 and 126          Why you are sitting here? a? World is open for you so travel. But you are sitting here, cause elsewhere there is no such wide “democracy” for jews and half jews.

Somewhere they just simply silent that they are jews :). About property. I will not speak about “Merchant of Venice”  🙂 Primitive of course. Duke Vytautas Magnus  even did not dreamed what a rubbish  he was inviting to Lithuania. This rubbish in all possible ways eviscerate lithuanians, captured their property. After captured even more sophisticated methods – NKVD methods. For me it would be pity to hive a piece of shit to zionists. What about you?

136. to 125, 126 10:52 11-02 IP:

Ko jūs čia tupite? A? Pasaulis jums atviras, keliaukite. O tupite todėl, kad kitur tokios plačios ” demokratijos” žydams ir pusžydžiams nėra. Kai kur jie tiesiog kukliai patyli, jog yra žydai: ) Apie turtą. Nekalbėsiu apie ” Venecijos pirklį” : ) Primityviai aišku. Vytautas Didysis net nesapnavo, kokį brudą į Lietuvą kvietė. Tas brudas visais būdais skurdino lietuvius, grobė jų turtą. Vėliau grobė dar rafinuotesniais metodais – nkvedistiniais. Man dabar net šūdo gabalą būtų gaila atiduoti sionistams. O jums?

#163 However (I think this comment is about The republic of SA). However anyway jews with negroes took power where, the truth is that they don’t care about communism nowadays, cause country is in such moss of deep corruption, persecution of white people, exploitation and killings, that lithuania looks like heaven. Jews and negroes live fun there after instituting DISCRIMINATIVE laws – passing in or accepting for work or studies limited number of white people, attempting to take away white’s lands property and so on.

here are “merit” of jews there.

163. Taciau 11:22 11-02 IP:

Taciau vis tiek zydai su negrais ten paeme valdzia, tiesa, komunizmas jiems jau neberupi, nes salis skendi tokiam korupcijos, baltuju persekiojimo, isnaudojimo, zudymo liune, kad lietuva atrodo kaip rojus. Smagiai dabar ten zydukai su negrais gyvena ivede DISKRIMINACINIUS istatymus – i darba ar mokslo istaiga priimamas tik tam tikras baltuju kiekis, bandoma atimti baltuju zemes, turta ir t.t. Stai tau ir zydu ” nuopelnai” ten.

#179 I offer for B. Gochin to read todays article about story of B. Skripnikova (todays “Lietuvos rytas”). Maybe then he will stop shouting and talking winds(stupidity), how everybody are bullies him cause he is jew. the point isn’t that he  jew, the point is that he did not give bribe (bung, key money) to anybody, that he do not have right people or powerful relatives, who can stand on in right place, and he even don’t understand what country Lithuania is. By the way testimony of aunt(even if she was sitting in one cell with Mandela) in juridical aspect are  null (if Mr. Gochin is imagining, that this is enough, it one more time shows his absolute naivete, that’s it).

179. ABC

B.Gochinui siulyciau pasiskaityti B.Skripnikovos istorija (sios dienos ” Lietuvos rytas” ). Gal tada nustos vejus paistyti ir sukauti, kaip ji visi skriaudzia, nes yra zydas. Ne zyde esme – esme ta, kad kysio niekam nedave, pazistamu ir ” teisingu” giminiu neturi, galinciu uztarti reikiamoje vietoje, o ir isvis nesuvokia, kokia salis yra Lietuva. Beje, tetulytes liudijimai (net jei ir VIENOJE kameroje su Mandela butu sedjusi!) teisiniu poziuriu yra niekiniai (jei p. Gpchinas isisvaizduoja, kad to uztenka, tai dar karta parodo jo absoliutu naivuma ir tiek.)

202: Jews want to take whats left in Lithuania. I do not understand such love of grandchildren and great grantchildren to Lithuania, a country which they know nothing about. They condemn Lithuanians as Jew shooters(zydsaudziai), and then they want the citizenship. What are these calculations? The goal is to reclaim property which Lithuanians renovated, guarded for decades? Even the cemeteries of their grandfathers were taken care of by Lithuanians, Jews didnt have to do it. It isnt Lithuanian rednecks who take a shit on our land, but all these foreigners who renounce their lands and their nationalities. Lithuania is independent for 20 years, so where this mister lived till now and why did he find out about his grandfathers(and not his own) relationship with Lithuania only now?

#297 Pig also can be jew. How jew can be lithuanian, two persons can’t be in one, only divided half, along or across cut, one part  you can call jew, the other lithuanian. Maybe pig can be jew, but pig is too polite, so jew is a pig. All litvaks are or were Stalin’s and Trocky’s  agents, they were most damaging parasites for Lithuania, not only deported but also killed people. In Rainiai cruelly tortured, but till these days even not one jew, or not one litvak, or not one dusansky, not one netanyahu, did not apologize all Lithuania, they ow to Lithuania amounts in billions of gold from times of antiquity. Jews stand on your knees ahead to lithuanians and get out from Lithuania.

297. Kiaule gali buti ir zydas. 18:36 11-02 IP:

Kaip zydas gali buti lietuvis, du asmenys, negali buti viename, tik padalinus pusiau, isilgai ar skersai perpjovus, viena puse galima pavadinti zydu, kita puse lietuviu. Gal kiaule gali buti zydas, bet kiaule per daug mandagi, todel zydas yra kiaule. Visi litvakai yra ir buvo Stalino ir Trockio agentai, jie Lietuvai buvo kenksmingiausi parazitai, ne vien treme bet ir zude. RAINIUOSE ziauriai kankino, bet iki siu dienu dar nei vienas zydas, nei vienas litvakas, nei vienas dusanskis, nei vienas natanjaho, neatsiprase visos Lietuvos, jie visai Lietuvai skolingi milijardines sumas auksiniu nuo senoves laiku. Zydai klaupkites pries lietuvius ir von is Lietuvos.

301: (name: non Lithuanian with a Lithuanian name) I’m so happy that I am not a member of Jew shooters nation, that I’m not Lithuanian. Lithuanians should not be proud of what they are.

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