Malice, Murder, and Manipulation: One Man’s Quest for Truth

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5/16/24 – Campus Reform – Sonoma State University president makes boycott deal with protesters, gets put on leave.

5/15/24 – Jewish Journal – Parent of Sonoma State Jewish Student Blasts University’s Deal With Pro-Palestinian Encampment

5/13/24 – Grant Arthur Gochin exposes Lithuanian Holocaust fraud, South Florida Sun Sentinel.

5/2/24 – ‘The Enemy Beside Me’: Can the Truth of Lithuania Holocaust History Be Told in Lithuania to Lithuanians and By Lithuanians?

4/18/24 – Radio Chai FM – What does the letter by the US Congress towards the South African Government entail?

2/28/24 – Latvian Press – Report on Holocaust Reconciliation event dated January 28, 2024.

2/26/24 – Chai FM Radio – Location South Africa:

2/22/24 – Jewish Journal – Two Baltic States Admit to their Role in the Holocaust –

2/8/24 – Jewishlink – Lithuania: How Long Will the Lie Continue? –

1/28/24 – Baltic Holocaust Commemoration –

1/28/24 – JewTube Interview – Why S. African politicians allege Israel (not Hamas) has genocidal intentions – Grant Gochin in L.A. –

1/19/24 – The Atlanta Journal Constitution – Participants in Holocaust remembrance event reflect on horror and humanity

1/8/24 – Latvia, Estonia to join Holocaust memorial program in Los Angeles – Jewish News Syndicate

12/29/23 – WEHO 2023 – WEHO Online Community News – The plague of antisemitism

9/28/23 – Times of London – Yad Vashem accuses Lithuania of glorifying Nazi collaborators – (attached in a Word file )

9/23/23 – EU Today – Holocaust: Yad Vashem Chairman Dani Dayan’s Address to Lithuania’s Seimas on the 80th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto

8/28/23 – The Times of London – My “War Hero” grandfather was a Jew killer

7/21/23 – Plus 61J Media – Film touches nerve in revealing truth about Lithuanian Holocaust cover-up

7/6/23 – Australian Jewish News – Probing Lithuania’s dark side

6/9/23 – The Jewish Press – Did A Film Cause Lithuania To Clean Up Its Act Regarding A Nazi Perpetrator Or Is It A Stunt?

5/23/23 – Jerusalem Post – Israel has failed to fight Latvia, Lithuania’s Holocaust distortion – opinion

4/19/23 – – What do the heroes of the documentary “J’Accuse” accuse Jonas Noreikas and Lithuania of?

4/19/23 – Patriots’ Day  – Fort Meyers Florida Weekly

4/17/23 – The documentary film about the Holocaust in Lithuania is available exclusively to 15min readers

March 2023 – Latvian Community information bulletin. Articles are in English:

3/15/23 – Times Of Israel – The Warrior, Grant Gochin –

3/15/23 – Wehoville – Holocaust documentary ‘J’Accuse!’ won’t get city-sponsored screening

3/10/23 – Abraham Events – Lithuanian’s Escape Plan for Exonerating Holocaust Perpetrators

3/4/23 – History of Yesterday – Holocaust Deniers: Two Thousand Years Of Big Lies

1/20/23 – Algoa FM Radio – South Africa – Explosive documentary available for limited period

1/15/23 – BJE Passages 2023 “Holocaust Fraud in Lithuania” by Grant Gochin

1/13/23 – JNS – Jewish News Syndicate – Holocaust documentary asks why Lithuania honors villains as heroes

1/5/23 – Jewish Journal – New Documentaries Expose Lithuanian Guilt in Holocaust

10/27/22 – South African Jewish Report – New film gives voice to Lithuanian Holocaust victims

9/25/22 – Wiesenthal Center Praises Call by German and American Ambassadors to Lithuania to Lithuanian Government to Remove Statues Honoring Holocaust Perpetrators

9/12/22 – Algemeiner – New Documentary Examines the Murder of Jews by Latvians and Lithuanians in the Holocaust

8/2/22 – Mishpacha Magazine – The Lie I Lived with    

7/7/22 – Trailer – Baltic Truth –

7/1/22- Voyage LA Magazine – Hidden Gems: Meet Grant Gochin of Grant Arthur & Associates Wealth Services

6/11/22 – Israel Hayom – The journalist who revealed that her grandfather, a national hero in Lithuania, collaborated with the Nazis – works to end his commemoration

5/25/22 – Times of Israel – Lithuanian Jews are still avoiding their country’s Holocaust distortion

5/20/22 – Jewish Journal – Grant Gochin: Fighting Genocides, Old and New

4/27/22 – Beverly Press – ICAN hosts remembrance ceremony

3/14/22 – Lay of the Land – Lithuania’s Holocaust by Bullets and Revisionism

2/28/22 – Arizona State University – Keynote address

12/29/21 – – The Fiction of John Noreika

12/17/21 – Jewish Book Council – A Mother’s Dying Wish Becomes A Daughter’s Nightmare

11/20/21 – 15 Min LT – Bitter chocolate at Fort IX Museum: messages of outrage – even from abroad

10/22/21 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation – Regarding the Situation with the Glorification of Nazism and the Spread of Neo-Nazism and Other Practices That Contribute to Fuelling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance –

10/12/21 – Jewish Independent – Correcting Historical Record

9/29/21 – Cultures of History Forum – Trials and Tribulations: The Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Centre Reconsidered

9/17/21 – Der Spiegel – Was Lithuania’s national hero a mass murderer?
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9/2/21 – SA Jewish Report – Reflecting on sin, and striving for correction

8/24/21 – Jewish Journal – Murder, Repentance and Reconciliation

7/12/21 – Evanston Round Table – ‘The Nazi’s Granddaughter’ Author Silvia Foti Bravely Confronts Truth

7/8/21 – South African Jewish Report – ‘Checkmate’ as chess table returns to Jewish hands

6/21/21 – The Algeimeiner – Lithuanian Government Engaging in ‘Holocaust Denial,’ Says Author of Book Exposing Her Grandfather’s Past as Nazi Collaborator

6/21/21 – The Saxon – Jewish Holocaust: “I discovered that my grandfather was a murderer while writing his biography”

6/1/21 – Lithuanian Jewish Community – US Rep: Quisling Lithuanian PM Brazaitis Wasn’t Exonerated or Rehabilitated

5/29/21 – Voice of America / Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty ran this segment starting 40:14:

Radio Free Europe is funded in whole or in part by the American government.

4/22/21 – Algemeiner – Holocaust Revisionist Confirmed as New Head of State-Sponsored ‘Genocide Center’ in Lithuania

4/4/21 – NBC News – How a Chicago teacher sparked a ‘memory war,’ forcing Lithuania to confront its Nazi past

3/9/21 – Russia Today – Nazi war criminal celebrated by Lithuanian government as hero of WW2 resistance exposed by his own granddaughter in brand new book

2/10/21 – Lay of the Land – Distorting the Truth

2/9/21 – enlace judio (Mexico) – El abuelo nazi de ella asesinó a la familia judía de él. Juntos, exigen que Lituania asuma su responsabilidad

9/3/20 – South African Jewish Report – Lithuania doubles down on Holocaust revisionism

8/30/20 – EU Today – Lithuanian “Holocaust distortion” to be addressed by ECHR

7/20/20 – – The Court refused to accept an action against the assessment of J. Noreika’s activities –

5/20/20 – EU Today – Beverly Hills City Council slams Lithuania’s Holocaust revision act.

5/20/20 – Jerusalem Post – Beverly Hills condemns Lithuanian attempt to deny Holocaust involvement

5/20/20 – Lithuanian Jewish Community – Beverly Hills City Council Condemns Lithuanian Holocaust Distortion – Lithuanian Jewish Community

5/2/20 – – Lithuania and the Holocaust: Endless Convulsions Instead of Wound Treatment (Part II)

5/1/20 – – Lithuania and the Holocaust: Constant Convulsions Instead of Wound Treatment

4/2/20 – – The court dismissed the appeal against the assessment of Mr Noreika’s activities

4/2/20 – Delfi – The Genocide Research Center won the case for a certificate about Noreika

4/2/20 – Alkas – Genocide Research Center wins case against Noreika certificate

4/2/20 – LRT – The Genocide Research Center has won a case for a certificate about John Noreika-General Storm

4/2/20 – Respublica – Genocide Research Center Wins Case for Noreika Certificate

1/23/2020 – Lithuania’s Holocaust memory – “reliable” or “unreliable”?

10/4/19 – 15 Min LT – Do not be misled: fictitious figures inciting conflict in the discussion on Jonas Noreika

9/30/19 – TV3.LT – Wroblewski Library announces decision on General Storm’s plaque.

8/22/19 – Lithuanian Jewish Community – Genocide Center: Independent Holocaust Research Is Criminal and Unconstitutional in Lithuania

8/19/19 – France 24 – Ghosts of Nazi collaborators haunt the streets of Vilnius

8/11/19 – Politico EU – Plaque by plaque, Lithuania confronts its wartime past

8/1/19 – Baltic News Network – Removal of a controversial memorial plaque in Vilnius triggers a firestorm

7/27/19 – JTA – Vilnius mayor orders removal of contested plaque honoring alleged war criminal

7/25/19 – Lithuanian capital to rename street honoring anti-Semitic Nazi collaborator

5/4/19 – LRT – Grandpa’s granddaughter took a decade to talk about her grandfather: he felt hate for the Jews

5/2/19 – LRT – Public appeal for increasing tension in society 

4/18/19 – Jerusalem Post – Systematic Holocaust distortion

4/11/19 –
THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR THE EVALUATION OF THE CRIMES OF THE NAZI AND SOVIET OCCUPATION REGIMES IN LITHUANIA – A Response to The Statement of The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania of 27 March 2019, “On The Accusations Against Jonas Noreika (General Vėtra)”

4/8/19 – Israel National News – Lawyer smashes plaque honoring Nazi collaborator in Lithuania

4/5/19 – South African Jewish Reporter: Fight not over for Lithuania activist Grant Gochin

4/5/19 – LRT (In Lithuanian) – What did the Nazi occupation mean to Lithuania? The latest conclusion lighted the fire

4/5/19 – Neue Biircher Beitung – Nazi Collaborator and national hero

4/3/19 – World Jewish Congress – World Jewish Congress dismayed by Lithuanian document diminishing extent of Nazi collaboration

3/28/19 – Lithuanian Jewish Community: Who Sanctioned Institutional Anti-Semitism in Lithuania?

3/28/19 – Times of Israel: Lithuanian court rejects lawsuit against state honors for Nazi collaborator

3/28/19 – Haaretz – Lithuanian Court Rejects Lawsuit Against State Honors for Nazi Collaborator

3/28/19 – European Jewish Congress: Lithuanian court rejects lawsuit against state honours for Nazi collaborator

3/28/19 – Lenta: Литва оставила статус борца за независимость казненному нацисту «Генералу Ветра»

3/27/19 Simon Wiesenthal Center – Lithuanian condemnation

3/27/19 – Arutz Sheva – Lithuania: Court rejects suit against honoring Nazi collaborator

3/27/19 – JTA – Lithuanian court rejects lawsuit against state honors for Nazi collaborator

3/25/19 – Jerusalem Report Magazine – Holocaust Distortion by Dr. Efraim Zuroff

3/22/19 – Israel American Civic Education Institute

3/16/19 – Lithuanian Genocide Center – This is the Delfi piece from 3/9/19 – reposted on the Government website.

3/14/19 – Lithuania: Jewish history on trial – SA Jewish Report

3/9/19 – This is a hit piece on me (and anyone that supports me) in a Lithuanian portal Delfi – issued by a Lithuanian government institution (paid for by taxpayers).
The government says they will not give into “vulgar pressure” from me. They say I am spreading lies and threatening them.
They say I am perverting the truth and trying to influence the Court through my writing (apparently this government article by them is not designed to sway the Court – only my writing does that).
They say that I should not be discussing this matter in the press (but apparently this article by them is OK).
They want the Court to establish the facts – but their legal position in Court was that the Court should not hear the case.
They say I have never approached them about Brazaitis or Skirpa, ignoring the fact that I have given them proof many times, four USA lawyers have informed them that they have misstated the facts, and that they have been served with legal documents objecting to their distortions by Lithuanian lawyers,
and that case is currently in front of their own Parliamentary Ombudsman.
They identify me as an “enemy of the Genocide Center” – at least this time they didn’t call me an agent of Putin or a criminal, as they usually do.

3/8/19 – The strange Holocaust trial in the Lithuanian Capital

3/7/19 – News from the Noreika Trial – Lithuanian Jewish Community

3/7/19 Delfi – Arkadijus Vinokuras. Genocido centras gina netiesą. Kodėl

3/5/19 – Lithuanian Regional Administrative Court

3/5/19 – Delfi –
In court, a dispute over the historical conclusion about General Vetra

2/17/19 Lithuania Braces for Global Interest in Holocaust Perpetrator Noreika

2/7/19 – South African Jewish Report – Article 1 –To be brave and bold and stand up for what is right

2/7/19 – South African Jewish Report – Article 2 –SA-born Litvak accuses Lithuania of insincerity on Holocaust

February 2019 – Israel Info News

February 2019: Tachles (Switzerland)


2/4/19 – Lithuanian Jewish Community website –The court has to decide

2/2/19 – Haaretz – The woman accusing her Grandfather

1/25/19 – Australian Jewish News – Whitewashing The Shoah

1/25/19 – Politico –Study finds Holocaust revisionism rampant in EU’s East

The report which quotes me extensively

1/16/19 – JTA –Lithuanian judge postpones trial over reputation of deceased Nazi collaborator

1/16/19 – Arutz Sheva –Lithuanian judge postpones trial over deceased Nazi collaborator

1/14/19 – Chicago Tribune –
She thought her grandfather was a Lithuanian hero. Research leads her to ask, was he a patriot or a Nazi?

1/8/19 – Times Of Israel –War hero or Nazi collaborator? Family partners with victim’s kin to expose truth

12/21/18 – Between the public and the personal: A new stage of Holocaust memory in Lithuania

12/12/18 – Defending History –Regional Lithuanian Monthly Publishes Noreika Query at Heart of Upcoming 15 Jan. Vilnius Holocaust Trial

12/6/18 – International Federation for Public History –Public History Explorers: December 2018

12/2/18 – The JC –My Lithuanian wartime grandfather was a hero, a collaborator and a murderer

11/30/2018 – Zemaiciu saulute

11/3/18 – Times of Israel –Lithuanian state historians defend Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

10/31/18 – Israeli American Civic Education Institute

10/6/18 – Corrieri Della Sera –Lithuania, Silvia’s investigation into her grandfather: “He wasn’t a hero, he massacred the Jews”

10/4/18 – JTA –A Chicago teacher showed her grandfather was a Nazi collaborator. Now Lithuania is paying attention.

9/10/18 – New York Times –Nazi Collaborator or National Hero? A Test for Lithuania

8/5/18 Haaretz –Jewish Cemetery in Lithuania Desecrated, Bones Brought to Surface ‘During Construction Work’

7/23/18 – Delfi (in Lithuanian – this was a hit piece on me)

7/19/18 – LRT.LT –A. Vinokuras: tokių žmonių, kaip Generolo Vėtros, heroizavimas nenaudingas mums patiems

7/19/18 – Delfi – Generolo Vėtros anūkė metė baisius kaltinimus seneliui ir Lietuvai: kas slepia tiesą?

7/18/18 – Russia –Мой дед — коллаборационист». Внучка героя Литвы назвала его убийцей евреев

7/14/18 – Salon –My grandfather wasn’t a Nazi-fighting war hero — he was a brutal collaborator

12/1/17 – Interview with Grant Gochin – – I am Lietuva

12/11/2017 – Jerusalem Report Magazine – Defective Heroes


5/23/17 – Lithuania discriminated against Jews seeking passports – The JC

4/20/17 – New York Jewish Week –Holocaust Memory Under Siege In Worlds Of Politics, Art

4/11/17 – Washington Times –Surmounting Lithuania’s Holocaust past

4/10/17 – Tackling Holocaust whitewash– Australian Jewish News

4/6/17 – San Diego Jewish News –Op-Ed: Lithuania covers up its pro-Nazi past

3/29/17 – Lithuania’s Shoah whitewash project – London Jewish Chronicle

1/12/17 – In Lithuania, bureaucratic backflips to protect Holocaust amnesia

11/28/16: Diariojudio (Mexican) Article is in English

9/21/16 – Seeking Holocaust Reconciliation– Los Angeles Jewish Journal

7/20/16 Even today anti-Semitism remains rife in Lithuania – South African Jewish Report

4/18/2016 – Lithuania’s welcome mat for Jews – Diario Judio Mexico

4/18/16 – Litvaks Didn’t Suffer Enough to Deserve Lithuanian Citizenship? – Lithuanian Jewish Community

8/23/15 – Synagogue presentation

8/20/15 – Jerusalem Post – Will Lithuania continue to honor Holocaust perpetrators

12/1/15 – Cape Jewish Chronicle

11/21/2015: Vilnews – Doing business in Lithuania

10/20/2015 – Vilnews – Letter from a Lost Shtetl

6/19/2014 – Beverly Press – Faith leaders denounce girls’ abduction

1/27/14 – MB News (Russian) – A book that makes you think.

9/18/2013 – Lrytas – Litvak disappointed

5/28/2013 – The Jewish cemetery in Papile

3/8/2013 – Lrytas – The Bureaucrat. (Original article in Lithuanian)

2/20/2013 – A Genealogical Journey to Heritage Citizenship – YouTube presentation

2/7/13 – Resurrecting Lithuania’s Jewish Past– Jewish Journal

11/09/2012 – Papile News

12/13/2011 – Vilnews – Graves Matter to Litvaks

4/13/11 – Jewish Journal

3/1/11 – Legendary Heroes of Africa – Jerusalem Post

11/2/2010 – Lrytas Jewish Litvak Offended by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis

Spring 2010: Roots Key Magazine – One Man’s Search for Memory

3/18/10 Langas (Lithuanian)

4/9/2009 – Marketplace – Food pantry donations get a little fruity

2/2/2002 – LA Times

Undated: VilNews


Summer, 2018 – Consular News – pages 5-7, Forum

6/18 AU Magazine

2/14/18 – Los Angeles Magazine

2009 – Togo TV interview after meeting with Prime Minister


11/4/20 – Money Loves Women podcast: Building Your Financial Philosophy, with Grant Gochin

2012 – I created the first ever financial tool to break the boycott of the Israeli stock market in 2012. It was written up in Derivatives Magazine, and the Israeli Government wrote about it.

8/8/14 – The Fight Magazine – Preventing financial infidelity

6/3/14 – The Fight Magazine – Giving and receiving

5/4/2014 – The Fight Magazine – Married gay couples with unequal income

3/30/14 – The Fight Magazine – Planning for the future

2/17/14 – The Fight Magazine – Marriage and taxes

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Times of Israel – articles

My personal blog

1/29/2020 – Beverly Hills objects to Lithuanian honors for Holocaust perpetrators

Undated: This is a Lithuanian government website where I am accused of possible criminal conduct for challenging their Holocaust distortion and submitting a historical study naming names of Holocaust perpetrators.


1/24/23 – Modiin – and Beyond with Rolene – Israeli radio station

4/15/21 – BBC Hardtalk – Silvia Foti interviewed, I am mentioned at about 13:30

10/12/18 – Lithuanian Aidas – How to deal with controversial history

BBC – Outlook –
Silvia Foti uncovered shocking evidence about her grandfather who was seen as a war hero


Inside Scoop – Virginia Television – Talkshow

I24 News –Granddaughter Unmasks Lithuania’s WWII Hero as Jew Killer