Noreika letters to the Lithuanian Government

Attached are the following letters:

Pages 1-5: Request to Vilnius Mayor Simasius:

Research is attached (pages 11-59, and all attachments that accompany).

We show that the deceptions about Noreika’ s resistance activities are Holocaust denial efforts by Burauskaite.

The Rukšys 2016 article portraying Noreika as good person is the equivalent of stating that Stalin’s deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia were to assist them in finding employment as jobs were scarce in Lithuania.

We show that Noreika is an icon of Jew haters and the monuments for him are validation for anti Semites.

I refer to the petitions by intellectuals dated 2015 to remove the plaque.

We request removal of the plaque.


Pages 6-10:

Letter to President Grybauskaite with copies to the Prime Minister and the Head of Parliament:

We provide the research on Noreika and request they begin the process of removing official honors. Also attached is the research provided to the Genocide Center, along with a timeline of events. (pages 11-59, and all attachments that accompany).


Pages 11 – 59:

The inquiry to the Genocide Center showing their agenda of Holocaust denial and deception.


Page 60:


Noreika Communication June 2018

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