President Grybauskaite responds:

On January 27, 2017, I sent President Grybauskaite a letter about Jonas Noreika, she has replied, her reply is attached.

My letter is posted here.

Re President Grybauskaite’s response:

Many years ago, I wrote to the President’s office to complain about bias in the Migration Department. Whomever was President at that time, then referred me back to the Migration Department. Similarly this time, after complaining about Holocaust denial at the Genocide Center, President Grybauskaite returned to them for comment.

According to President Grybauskaite, Noreika’s own words, documents, and actions do not condemn him, he would need a court trial to condemn him. Given that he is dead, that is not possible, so he will remain a national hero.

The willfully ignorant state refused to put their hero on trial, so that, by their standard, makes him innocent. Stalin, Hitler and many others also did not go on trial, therefore, I wonder if the Lithuanian State also withholds judgment from them?

President Grybauskaite goes on to offer her standard Lithuanian victimhood with the Stalinist reference. This response is some of the most beautifully crafted, totally circular, doublespeak I’ve seen in a long time.

By following the President’s logic, every Nazi who ordered Jews to be murdered, but was not individually tried and convicted, is a hero because he sincerely fought for a better Germany.

76 years since the Holocaust in Lithuania began, she is unwilling to address facts in the public domain. She has taken a very clear complaint about the Genocide Center, and implicated herself, the Genocide Center, the Supreme Court and the State Security Department in Holocaust distortion. President Grybauskaite has condemned Lithuania for another generation.


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