President Grybauskaite response March 31, 2017

I wrote to President Grybauskaite on January 27, 2017, expressing concerns about Holocaust distortion emanating from their Lithuanian Population Genocide and Resistance Research Center. Her response was to dismiss my concerns, stating that Noreika had not been placed on trial, and that the Lithuanian Genocide Center, the Lithuanian Supreme Court, and the Lithuanian State Security Department found no need for corrective action.

That reply is here.

I wrote to the President again on March 7, 2017, reflecting additional details on the Holocaust distortion emanating from the Genocide Center. The President’s reply is attached below, she states that she has no responsibility, will not do anything, but we are to be assured that she really cares about the victims.

In her first response, she checked with three State institutions, in her second she declines any investigation, but, she really, really cares about the victims.

The first page is the English language translation, the 2nd page her original letter.

President Grybauskaite response March 31 2017

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