Responses to Skirpa inquiry as of 7/13/18

Attached are 3 responses to my Skirpa inquiry received to date. These are in the Lithuanian language, summaries are as follows:

Foreign Ministry:

Response signed by the Vice Minister and indicates that it is written on order of Foreign Minister Linkevicius.

Letter states that FM Linkevičius, on basis of a 1994 order of Prime Minister Sleževičius, was a head of the group that organized the reburial of Škirpa and attendant events – by passing order in his capacity as defense minister in 1995-06-12. The reburial took place in Kaunas. Mr. Linkevicius delivered a speech in the ceremony.

Regarding Škirpa’s antisemitic propaganda: FM Linkevicius knew nothing more than historians had discovered at that time 1995.

The letter states that the ministry relies on authoritative historical sources, such as the 1998 commission established by President V. Adamkus which is comprised of respected historians and academics. At the end, they state that ministry unequivocally condemns all antisemitic actions and declarations.

Genocide Center:

Genocide center replies to our request to speed up Skirpa’s answer. They need more time. Also states that most of historians which completed the prior study are now on vacation. They will respond by 10th July.

Ombudsman of the Parliament:

The Ombudsman responds to the Genocide Center on constant complaints received about them. Ombudsman requires answers on 7 items, most of them concerning strategy and improvement of public service (please provide steps taken, steps to be take, steps taken to evaluate etc.). Ombudsman requires full answers to all questions concerning request – July 20th.

One of the 7 aspects it asks to indicate is this ” Please provide info whether center has thoroughly examined Skirpa’s activities as it indicates in the memo”.

Centre answer 2018 June
Linkevicius answer 2018 06 img-626083531-0001
Ombudsman answer 2018 June

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