Russian Agent

The usual comments by members of the Lithuanian Government are that those speaking out about the honoring of Holocaust Perpetrators are:
1. Agents of the East

2. Agents of the Kremlin

3. Enemies of the State

4. Russian Agents.

These accusations are absurd and designed to dismiss. For the local population, these messages are propaganda that truth is only what they are told by their government, and anything else is a foreign plot. This obviates any investigation.
I am the one that commissioned independent research into Jonas Noreika. I am the one that sued the Lithuanian Government and filed complaints with so many other government departments. I am the one that has brought the subject of Brazaitis and Skirpa back to the attention of U.S. Congress and so many others.

The former Foreign Minister of Lithuania – Azubalis, who is a current Member of Parliament is the most prominent person shrieking these Russian allegations, so, I asked my lawyer to ensure that the matter is addressed. My letter is below.

From decades of experience, the first assertion he will make is that he never received the letter. In order to exclude that possibility, I am making it public below:


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